• Environmental responsibility

    SIMEF is focused on sustainability and innovation policies, always seeking continuous improvement and maintaining the balance between environmental preservation and the development and economic requirements of its activity.
    In addition to rigorous compliance with all legal procedures required by all parties involved in its activity at all stages of the business cycle, SIMEF strive to use efficient and environmentally sustainable ways that reduce environmental impact.

    Social responsability
    The concern for a social balance is one of the fundamental characteristics of SIMEF, initially aimed at its employees, but currently also addressed to the community where it is inserted.
    Aware of its role in society and in order to maintain its policy of interaction with the community, employees and all parties involved and to achieve sustainable and responsible growth, SIMEF has been creating responsible policies to contribute for a fairer society and a cleaner environment.

    The commitment in Health, Hygiene and Safety at work is one of the fundamental pillars of SIMEF, which aims to the highest standards.
    In this context, SIMEF is strongly committed to the reduction and annulment of Work Accidents, and its concern is to ensure safe behavior and good practices at Work.
    SIMEF bets on the awareness and continuous training of its employees in all areas.

  • Quality, best practices and the accuracy of the services provided by Simef, ACE, are a priority. In April 2013 the Quality Management System was successfully implemented in accordance with NE EN ISO 9001: 2008. 
    In April 2015 SIMEF achieved the Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certification to OHSAS 18001:2007/NP 4397:2008, and most recently successfully transposed to ISO 45001:2018.
    The certifications have as context both workshops, ensuring the same level of maintenance and railway engineering provided, and therefore the replication of good practices in all interventions.
    The high commitment of the whole team, translated in the adoption of methodologies aimed at ensuring continuous and effective maintenance of the relevant requirements for the system and the existing culture of continuous improvement, allow Simef to meet the highest demands.

  • Quality Policy, Safety and Health at Work

    SIMEF, ACE is committed to defend and promote the sustained development of its activity, taking into account in its decisions operational, economic, ethical, socio-cultural and safety and environmental aspects, ensuring compliance with legal and other requirements , in order to satisfy all its stakeholders.
    This commitment is assumed by the General Direction of SIMEF, ACE whose action is based on ensuring the involvement and responsibility of all its employees in the following principles:

    • Identify hazards, assess risks and define the control measures identified as necessary.
    • Ensure the information, consultation and participation of workers or persons who can contribute to the improvement of OSH performance.
    • Prevent the occurrence of material, human and occupational diseases, by promoting continuous improvement of working conditions and good practices, in order to ensure high performance indicators for occupational safety and health.

    Develop innovative solutions, meeting the established requirements to ensure efficiency and quality of maintenance service rendered and enhance competitive advantage in the industry.

    Identify and implement the necessary improvements that create added value to the processes, products and services provided, thus ensuring the development and improvement of the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System.

    Guidance to the perception of the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, with a special focus on ensuring customer satisfaction through the provision of a service of excellence, supported by flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

    Ensure continuous professional development of employees, ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions performed, as well as enhancing the existing human capital in SIMEF, ACE through training programs that lead to the improvement of their technical and behavioral qualifications, in order to maximize the efficiency of the service provided.