• le4700

    This series is built out of 25 locomotives ES46B1-A type from Siemens, numbered from 4701 to 4725, 22 of them were final assembled in Portugal through a partnership between Siemens S.A.and EMEF S.A.
    These locomotives have electric traction 25kV/50Hz, where although prepared for passenger service, they are fully allocated to freight service.
    The wheelsets, in a Bo’Bo’ configuration are presently in service on Iberian gauge track, however the bogies are compatible with standard 1435mm gauge.
    Maximum speed is 140km/h and operation power is 4684kW with starting maximum traction effort 300kN.
    These locomotives have all the newest technologies that increase energy efficiency, lowering the operation costs.

    le4700 esquema

    Technical data
    • Commercial Service: 2009
    • Wheelset configuration: Bo’Bo’
    • Gauge: 1668mm (interchangeable with 1435mm standard gauge)
    • Distance between buffers: 19580mm
    • Total weight: 87t
    • Electrical traction
    • Voltage supply: 25kv 50Hz
    • Total power: 4684kW
    • Maximum speed: 140km/h
    • Electrical asynchronous transmission

  • le5600

    This series is made of 29 locomotives allocated to passenger and freight commercial service.
    The power supply is 25kV 50Hz with electric asynchronous transmission.
    This series is compatible with 1668mm Iberian gauge, under a Bo’Bo’ wheelset configuration.
    The maximum speed goes up to 220km/h with a nominal power of 5600kW and 300kN maximum traction effort at start.

    le5600 esquema

    Technical data
    • 30 units (5601 – 5630)
    • Start commercial service: 1993
    • Operational units: 29
    • Wheelset configuration: Bo’Bo’
    • Iberian gauge: 1668mm
    • Distance between buffers: 20440mm
    • Total weight: 87t
    • Electrical traction
    • Voltage: 25kV 50Hz
    • Total power: 5600kW
    • Maximum speed: 220km/h
    • Electric asynchronous transmission
    • Manufactures: Siemens, Krauss-Maffei and Sorefame